Go-To Skincare Review

I need to come clean about something. I’ve got a bit of a girl crush. I’m sure most of my readers can identify, but I’m kind of in love with Zoë Foster. The wit, the talent, the husband and now the baby! She really is the perfect package. So you can imagine my utter delight when she announced the release of her very own skincare range, Go-To Skincare. I was pretty damn excited. Having been in the beauty industry for 10 years (and counting) Dame Foster thought she’d try her hand at creating a range that stood the test of time. That would be hailed as everyone’s “go to beauty essentials” (hence the name, Go-To…)

Zoe Foster

Go-To Skincare Guru


It’s quite simple really, every day skin care products without all the fancy, confusing scientific terminology. And the best part? It actually works. Unlike the announcement of most celebrity skincare ranges, there was not a moment of doubt in my mind when Go-To was released (girl crush notwithstanding) about how good the products would be.  I tried out the life changing lip balm Lips! and magical mousse cleanser Properly Clean and gave them a glowing report.

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This delicious little lifesaver is the only lip balm you’ll ever use again. Throw out that red tube of petroleum (you know exactly what I’m talking about) and rejoice for this soothing and moisturising superbalm is jam packed full of nutrients and goodness. Featuring lanolin, apricot kernel, avocado, almost, evening primrose, vitamin E, jojoba oils, beeswax, calendula and shea butter, Lips! will make sure your kisser is never thirsty again. A smattering of pomegranate gives Lips! it’s delicious smell too!

$14.95 Buy it now, go on…

Properly Clean

I have a thing about cleansers. Unfortunately, I’ve never really found one that does its job. You’d think it would be simple right? Remove a day’s worth of makeup and grime without either completely stripping my face clean off or still feeling dirty. It also has to smell good. I thought I’d have to go through life with sub-par cleansers and never truly being satisfied, until I met Properly Clean. This light cleansing mousse ticks all the boxes. It takes off all your makeup and various other potions that have been slathered onto your skin while ensuring skin stays hydrated and soft. I also love that is has been specially formulated with low levels of Willow Bark Extract (a gentle version of salicylic acid), as someone who suffers from the odd breakout, this keeps the bacteria at bay and helps to ward off any unsightly spots.

$29.95 What a bargain!


Have you tried any of the Go-To products? Let me know what you thought! L x