Back on Track: staying healthy when injured

If you’re anything like me, you started off 2015 well intentioned. Eat healthier, exercise more, go to bed earlier…the list goes on. I came home from my summer holidays ready to start the new year with a bang and make it my healthiest and fittest one yet until a back injury from last year reared its ugly and painful head, rendering me incapacitated for a good two months.

Unable to get into the boxing classes and sessions on the bike I had promised myself, I began to get really frustrated and anxious that I wouldn’t be achieving the goals I had set. But after many days spent flat on my back and hundreds of dollars spent at the physio, I realised that although I couldn’t whip myself into shape at the gym just yet, I could take extra care with what I was putting into my body, because we all know this is half the battle!

After a bit of research, I came across an excellent range of superfood supplements that have made enhancing the nutrition in my diet while I was injured a whole lot easier. Introducing Bioglan Boosters a potent blend of superfoods packed with antioxidants, proteins, omega-3, fibre, vitamins and minerals. These Boosters can be added to any meal throughout the day to enhance nutritional value and taste great too! The range includes Breakfast Booster, Meal Booster and Salad Booster. Click here to read about how you can incorporate them into your daily superfood intake!


As well as taking extra care of my diet, I have now eased back into Reformer Pilates for strength as well as daily walks and am pleased to report that my back is now fully on the mend!


May Street Larder Review

In an effort to extend Valentine’s Day to include a whole weekend of wining and dining, my husband and I wandered through the leafy streets of East Fremantle for a lazy Sunday breakfast at the newest hotspot – May Street Larder.

Olympic Swimmer Eamon Sullivan and Chef Scott Bridger (the brains behind the popular beachside café Bib & Tucker) have changed their tune slightly and are experimenting with new culinary techniques such as pickling, fermenting, preserving and curing their own meats. Don’t go past the in-house larder style deli where you can take home some of their homemade goods.

The May Street Larder menu operates entirely on seasonal produce with a large focus on vegan, paleo and raw dishes and is the first place in WA to offer CocoWhip – a 100% vegan soft serve option.





My husband and I arrived around 8.30am last Sunday morning, so there was certainly a vibrant buzz about the place whilst not being too busy. We were seated by the window and ordered two Campos coffees that were delivered promptly as we deliberated over the breakfast menu. I decided on the Zucchini, Lupin and Lemon fritters and my husband ordered the Soul Sandwich which was, and I quote, “Quite possibly the most amazing breakfast dish I’ve ever had”. So enjoy trying to make your mind up over this menu…

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.17.03 pm

Zucchini, lupin and lemon fritters

Zucchini, lupin and lemon fritters

After breakfast, we perused the stock of house made relishes and preserves, as well as a gorgeous array of cookbooks and utensils, ordered a couple of takeaway coffees for the road and went out to spread the word about this amazing new eatery.

May Street Larder is open 7 days from 7am- 4pm for breakfast, lunch and coffee. Evening trading is currently in the pipeline though so stay tuned!

WHERE Shop 23/155 Canning Highway, East Fremantle

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