Sometimes when I find a new little hidden gem, I like to keep my cards pretty close to my chest. But Bella’s Skincare Centre in East Fremantle is one local treasure I want to shout from the rooftops. Located just off Canning Highway, in the vibrant East Fremantle shopping precinct, Bella’s Skincare Centre offers clients luxurious and personalised service within the chic walls of their boutique salon. 

Bella’s Skincare Centre is a full service spa and beauty salon, offering a wide range of treatments for both men and women. Salon Owner and Director, Anne Naudi, tells me the approach at Bella’s is holistic, but results driven. And with a team of therapists with a huge range of experiences and specialities, it’s not hard to see how this salon specialises in just about anything. Boasting a small selection of treatment rooms, all fully equipped with state of the art technology and products to help clients achieve pretty much anything when it comes to skincare.

A pristine, cool reception area greets me as I step off the street on a busy Monday afternoon for my facial at Bella’s. Soft, relaxing music is playing and the staff speak in hushed tones as a sense of calm immediately rushes over me. Elegantly styled in monochrome with hints of lime green and gorgeous white orchids in every room, Bella’s is understated yet sophisticated.

Today I am being treated to the Signature Dermalogica Facial, a beautifully nourishing treatment that is designed to relax and renew the skin while also delivering great results. My skin has somehow regressed to its 16-year-old self: congested, oily and a few angry pimples, so I am keen to get this under control, pronto. My therapist, Elle, greets me and leads me down a softly lit hallway to the treatment room where I settle into soft plush towels and fluffy blankets.

After assessing the condition of my skin (combination skin with an oily T-Zone, some congestion and dehydrated areas), Elle selected a Dermalogica range of products to suit my skin needs – namely rebuilding the skins barrier and achieving a smoother, clearer complexion. The facial begins with a few breathing protocols to ease me into a state of total relaxation and is then followed by a pre-cleanse which had the most incredible aroma. The formula gently liquefies sebum and oil based debris from the skins surface and is swiftly followed by Special Cleansing Gel, a product specially tailored for combination skin which gently removes impurities without disturbing the skins natural moisture balance. To boost the benefits of the cleanser, Elle also used bt-Micro, a device that cleverly combines ultrasonic peeling with microcurrent product penetration to cleanse, exfoliate, decongest, firm and tone the skin. This is a must have, all-in-one facial tool that rapidly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of your favourite cell renewal creams and serums – winner!

Next, Daily Microfoliant was applied to polish any dulling debris from the skin and give my skin a brighter complexion. The unique rice based enzyme powder is one of Dermalogica’s best sellers that can be used on the most sensitive skins but with very effective results. After some soothing hot towels to remove excess product, Elle performed a soothing massage on my shoulders, neck and face which melted away any remaining tension I had at this stage – although it is safe to say I was well and truly relaxed!

After the massage Elle applied Colloidal Masque to the cheeks and neck areas which needed more hydration. On areas of congestion the Charcoal Rescue Masque was applied to detoxify, brighten and decongest. While the masques were working their magic, Elle performed a beautifully relaxing massage on my legs and feet ensuring my entire body was suitably relaxed at this point. After the masque was removed with hot towels, Elle spritzed the Ultra Calming Mist over my face for some rehydration and then applied Dermalogica’s Age Reversal Eye Cream, an advanced microencapsulated retinol that helps smooth away the signs of aging around the eyes. This was followed by the Dynamic Skin Recovery, a lightweight hydrator chock full of antioxidants and a high SPF rating.

After my treatment, it took all my willpower to get up off the bed and float back out into the reception area from where I departed with a friendly goodbye from all the gorgeous staff. My skin felt so clean and refreshed after my facial and boasted a seriously radiant glow for weeks afterwards. Suitably relaxed after my pampering, I slept like a baby that night and woke up with plumper, brighter skin.

Bella’s Skincare Centre
Suite 6, 163 Canning Highway
East Fremantle WA, 6518
(08) 9339 7121

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Skin is the body’s largest organ and sadly, often the most overlooked. With so many skincare products on the shelves these days it can be mighty confusing when it comes to choosing the right skincare and all too easy to shell out a small fortune for products that are prettied up with nice branding but in reality, don’t do an awful lot. Proper skincare includes a daily regime that cleanses, corrects, hydrates and protects skin from both internal and external stressors. I spoke to one of Perth’s leading Dermal Therapists and owner of La Belle Peau, Kim Tran, on the importance of good skincare and the products she can’t live without.

Prevention is better than treatment
Early detection is important to stop issues in their tracks with the right treatment and products. Seeking expert advice from a reputable Dermal Therapist will set you in good stead to understand what is happening with your skin. They have the skills, product knowledge and access to results driven skincare. Look for someone who has the latest skin analysis technology, such as the VISIA Skin Analysis System. This allows them to pick up any underlying issues beneath the surface of the skin that is not yet visible on the outside.

Mix it up
Your skin is always changing due to factors such as age and seasons and gets used to the same products if used long term. Mixing up your skincare routine regularly is important to help boost results. The Dermal Therapist you went to see in step one (go on) will be able to guide you on this.

Block it out
I can’t stress enough how important it is to reapply sunscreen throughout the day! My favourite trick for those wearing makeup, is to use a sunscreen powder, such as ColoreScience Sunforgettable Powder SPF 50+. The protection kicks in immediately so you don’t have to wait 20 minutes like a traditional sunscreen, plus your foundation stays put!

Say no to sugar
Sugar attacks your skin cells and collagen fibres, causing a loss of elasticity. So to prevent ageing, reduce your sugar intake! This, in conjunction with a well-balanced lifestyle including plenty of water, sleep and exercise make for the perfect building blocks to getting your skin in tip-top shape.

Heal your gut
Your gut and your skin are both organs of detoxification, so if you suffer from acne, rosacea, or any chronic inflammation of the skin, make friends with a good probiotic. An unhealthy gut, where there are more bad than good bacteria can lead to a lot of problems. If you are looking to clear your skin, you have to start with your gut.

Kim’s favourite skincare products…Kim Tran
My skincare regime changes all the time due to my commitment to our clients at La Belle Peau. I’m always on the hunt to find the latest and the best in skincare to offer at our clinic. Currently, I have these hardworking heroes on rotation:

FOR EYES: Cosmedix Eye Doctor. Doubles up as a beautiful lip treatment.

BEST TREATMENT SERUM: MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex. One serum treats all.

FOR SUN PROTECTION:  ColoreScience Sunforgettable Powder SPF 50+ makes reapplying your sun protection so easy!

EMERGENCY SPOT TREATMENT: Ultraceuticals Spot Treatment. Everyone’s must-have for the occasional breakout.

Not sure where to start? Book in to see one of La Belle Peau’s Dermal Therapists for a skincare consultation. Trained in cosmeceutical science, La Belle Peau’s therapists will prescribe skincare featuring ingredients that will work best for your skin concerns.

A skincare consultation at La Belle Peau includes a VISIA skin scan and analysis which provides an in depth look at what is happening with the skin and help accurately prescribe the most effective skincare regime. You will also receive a free follow up appointment which includes a VISIA scan to check on progress. La Belle Peau will happily exchange your skincare if it doesn’t show any signs of improvement and offer an additional follow up appointment free of charge. The consultation takes 30 minutes and costs $75, which can be redeemed on treatments at the clinic.


So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money on skincare that doesn’t work.  A skincare consultation at La Belle Peau is life changing. You will walk away with not only an effective skincare regime, but also a greater understanding of your skin. Book now!

La Belle Peau 
478 Fitzgerald Street
North Perth WA 6000
(08) 6361 1501

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Situated on the bustling shopping precinct on Racecourse Road in the leafy suburb of Hamilton, lies a renowned beauty destination hailed for its expert advice and premium facial treatments. Under the direction of Sevine Forster, Realskin Clinic is a salon with a difference, to approach skin health from a holistic perspective and to provide treatments that deliver real, visible results.

Founder and Director, Sevine Forster was drawn to a career of science based facial treatments in Australia after returning from London where she studied and worked for five years. 2014 saw a rebrand and change of location for Realskin, where a more exclusive offering was created for clients seeking high-end speciality treatments. Realskin Clinic offers a range of effective, tailored facial treatments to treat a variety of skin concerns, across three main areas – speciality treatments, clinical facials and skin health facials.


Sevine and her team of internationally trained beauty and skin health therapists work passionately to ensure the highest level of service and care is provided for every valued client. And the proof is in the pudding; beautifully captured photographs of Realskin’s clients adorn the walls of each room, showing new clients just what can be achieved with the right treatment.

It is pre-Christmas and the end of a very long and stressful year is visible in my face; fine lines, congestion and dullness. To help restore balance and skin health, I am booked in for a Signature Facial at Realskin, a sophisticated and luxurious facial ritual that promises results.

I arrive for my treatment on a stormy, humid Brisbane afternoon and greeted in the cool reception by Sevine and her team. The salon is sleek and chic where understated tones of birch, white and soft blues create a relaxed atmosphere and match the Doctor Babor, Ultraceuticals and Jane Iredale skincare products on display.

Shortly after arriving, I am whisked away into a treatment room where I am tucked into a bed of plush white towels, ready for the beautiful experience that is to follow. The room was whisper quiet and soothingly peaceful and it wasn’t long until I had completely blissed out. The Signature Facial is performed with Doctor Babor products, an advanced cosmeceutical line of skincare from Germany.


I am in the very capable hands of Sevine, who began the facial with a deep breathing protocol allowing my body’s energy to flow. Following a selection of advanced facial inclusions, the Babor Contour Mask was applied to my face. Packed with vitamins and healing clay to promote skin rejuvenation for fresh and radiant skin, this contour mask is very thick and cooling, it takes a good 20 minutes to set.


During this time, Sevine performed a gentle Reiki treatment on me. This ancient Japanese healing technique is used to help centre and balance the body and invoke a sense of stillness and clarity. Having never experienced Reiki before, I found this to be a truly unique experience. It was incredibly calming and allowed me to let go of a lot of tension I didn’t even know I was harbouring. Not to mention I slept like a baby that night! 

At the end of my treatment, I floated out into the night, skin supple and full of hydration and feeling so incredibly relaxed, rejuvenated and peaceful – the stresses of 2016 well and truly behind me. Despite the indulgences of the festive season, my skin continued to boast that beautiful post-facial glow every day following my treatment, negating the need for much (if any) make up.


This was not your garden-variety facial, it was the precise balance of beauty and results, and an exceptional experience. With Sevine’s calm approach and meticulous attention to detail, she really cared about my experience.

I travel to Brisbane frequently to visit family and there is no doubt I’ll be back on Racecourse Road to visit Sevine and her team at Realskin Clinic as soon as I am back in town! 

RealSkin Clinic
68 Racecourse Road
Hamilton, QLD 4007
(07) 3268 5488

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Review: Limón Health & Beauty Spa

Hands up whose feeling that end of year stress? Totally run down, exhausted and under the weather? Yep, I hear you. This time of year is always a little bit crazy as we rush to finish everything off before the Christmas break. Last week I spent a few hours at one of Perth’s newest and most gorgeous urban escapes, and discovered it was just what the doctor ordered.

Limón Health and Beauty Spa opened its doors three months ago on Oxford Street in Leederville and is quickly becoming the go-to destination for inner city relaxation. Owned and operated by Julianna Horváth, Limón’s approach is that of natural, holistic beauty and providing the ultimate relaxation experience for each and every guest. Julianna describes it as:

“A spa where there is a genuine passion for the wellbeing of each and every guest. A place filled with pure and organic products of the highest quality that don’t come at the expense of the environment. Carefully thought out treatments and techniques that feel incredible and have lasting benefits. A place that is welcoming where everyone who comes in feels at ease, relaxed and cared for.”

Limón offers a range of treatments including massage, facials, beauty treatments, detox packages and products. If that wasn’t enticing enough, all products used for body therapy services are handmade in house including delicious massage gels and body balms.


I was recently treated to the Azul package, a 2.5 hour heavenly experience that totally relaxed, rejuvenated and energised me. I arrived at Limón’s serene spa on a scorching 37-degree Perth day and sipped on lemon water as I filled in a client form and prepared to switch off from the world for a while. My therapist Nellie appeared and led me down the candlelit hallway to the treatment room. Nellie has had over ten years experience in the beauty and skincare industry, having worked at a number of beautiful day spas around Perth so I knew I was in good hands! The treatment began with a peppermint foot soak and scrub, complete with Limón’s bespoke lemon scrub. This was just heavenly, and allowed for Nellie to have a quick chat with me before the serious stuff began to find out what I was hoping to get out of the treatment.


Following this, I was left to get comfortable for a full body lymphatic massage, aimed at draining toxins, relaxing the nervous system and aiding the body’s immunity system. This gentle, whole body treatment was just bliss and I’m pretty sure I melted right into the bed as Nellie used a gel enriched with coconut and jojoba for the massage.

After the massage, I enjoyed a hydrating signature facial and Limón head massage. Mukti is the product of choice for all facials at Limón and this divine organic range of skincare products are formulated with some of the best bioactive native Australian extracts to deliver chemical free products that really work.

For my facial, Nellie chose to work with the antioxidant rich products from the Mukti range which, combined with a gentle steam, really helped to actively clarify and brighten the complexion. Specifically for me, stimulation from the steam, the Antioxidant Facial Serum and Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque all worked together to really inject some life back into my skin, while still enabling me to get some rest and relaxation throughout the facial. Antioxidants are an absolute no-brainer when it comes to skincare because they give an immediate, visible result and promote long term improvement for the skin tissue. It’s no wonder I had comments on my “glowing complexion” all weekend!

After my facial was over, I reluctantly peeled myself up from the bed and got ready to head back out into reality. I met Nellie in the tranquil reception area, beautifully designed with pared back timber and soft cushions, to have a chat about her top tips for getting your skin and body ready for summer.

What are the most important steps to getting skin and body ready for summer?
Some of the most common issues we see are related to body acne and seasonal facial breakouts, so its really important to prepare the skin with exfoliation. Using a salt scrub on the body and a combination of steam, enzymatic and granular facial exfoliation will smooth and prepare the skin to absorb the maximum benefits of any skincare treatment. Choices such as wearing natural fibres, drinking plenty of water and limiting alcohol and caffeine intake can also make a real difference to the condition and texture of the skin.

It’s also important to protect the skin from the sun and from lifestyle. Late nights, stresses or a few too many indulgences all leave their mark on the skin. An SPF is vital in moisturisers to deflect or neutralise any harmful UV and prevent photodamage to the skin in the form of pigmentation, capillary damage and uneven tone. Zinc based sunscreens are an excellent choice as they provide a physical barrier to the sun’s rays. A tinted moisturiser for the face is a great way to protect the skin as many cosmetic minerals also have a low SPF of their own.

What treatments do you recommend to get ready for summer?
At Limón, we recommend our Deep Cleansing Facial as the first stop for summer facial prep. This enables us to get a ‘straight edge’ and an accurate idea of the condition of the skin and adapt the skincare regime to suit your needs, personality and lifestyle. During the 90 minutes we treat every single blocked pores and bumps on the face and decolletage and back if it is needed. Steaming and extractions helps to clean and clarify the skin and the customised organic masks will soothe and calm down the redness. Depending on the skin needs and the person it is recommended  (4-6 weeks) to visit us for any of our customised signature facials to keep the skin healthy and under control.

For the body, the Limón Full Body Massage and Exfoliation is recommended as a great way to enliven the skin and soothe the muscles simultaneously. We do make our own scrubs, massage oils and body balms in house, this way we can make everything nice and fresh, without preservatives, and be able to change the ingredients if someone has allergy or sensitivity.

Limon Health & Beauty Spa
5/226 Oxford Street, Leederville
Phone: 08 9444 8154

*Lucy was a guest of Limon Health and Beauty Spa





Review: Bodhi J Wellness Spa

Tucked away in East Perth, is a little place I like to call heaven. Bodhi J Wellness Spa recently opened its beautiful doors on Pier Street, a new destination of tranquility and restoration. If you have experienced pampering at their sister spa in Wembley, then you’ll know what you are in for at their new locale.

Bodhi J East Perth

I was treated to a Pure Radiance Facial at the beautiful Bodhi J Wellness Spa last week and had the most amazing experience. The moment I stepped beyond the gorgeous wooden gates (custom made in Indonesia no less) I felt the hustle and bustle of my workday quickly disappear and a sense of total relaxation come over me. The spa features nine beautifully appointed treatment rooms including twin treatment rooms, raindrop showers and hydrotherapy spas. I was also blown away by the relaxing manicure and pedicure lounge which I will definitely be back to enjoy. Bodhi J also features a relaxation lounge as well as an outdoor courtyard for guests to unwind pre or post treatment.

Bodhi J Spa

Bodji J Courtyard

Bodhi J also features a Yoga studio, with beautiful Vinyasa Flow classes taught Monday – Saturday. Suitable for all levels (including beginners) these classes aim to stretch, strengthen, tone and flex the body. Only nine places are available per class, so clients are guaranteed personal guidance through each class. Click here to find out more and book.

Upon arrival, I was asked to fill in a form detailing my stress levels, how I was feeling that day and indicating any preferences for massage pressure and extra treatments. I was then led to the guest change rooms where I left my things and slipped into a warm, fluffy white robe and slippers and was taken to the treatment room. The Bodhi J treatment rooms have been perfectly designed to help guests switch off and focus on being pampered – serenely lit, stylishly appointed and the gentle lilt of soothing music is just pure relaxation.

My beauty therapist was Alice who provided an initial consultation on any problems I was having with my skin and how she could address them. For me, tackling dehydration was a major concern and luckily this facial is perfect for just that. Exposure to harsher weather conditions and air conditioners in winter strips skin of its natural moisture leaving it dehydrated and dull. Using the luxurious Sodashi Pure Radiance range, this treatment aims to balance, hydrate and refresh skin – just what the doctor ordered.

The facial included a double cleanse, exfoliate, masque, moisturise and a soothing massage (I chose neck and shoulders). I had also opted for a divine Sodashi Scalp Treatment as an add on to my facial which left my locks super nourished and shiny.

Following my hour of absolute bliss, I slipped back into my robe and headed to the relaxation lounge to enjoy some herbal tea and fresh fruit while slowly coming back to reality. Alice sat down with me and we debriefed on any particular skincare concerns I had to address – changing my cleanser being one of them! I then reluctantly returned to the change rooms to collect my things and headed back out into the real world.

Bodhi J Massage

My experience at Bodhi J was absolutely blissful and I would recommend to anyone looking for a little bit of time out from the daily grind. There is something for everyone at Bodhi J with a treatment menu that spans from Express 30 Minute Massage to full day pamper packages.

The service at Bodhi J is second to none, as part of their mission statement is to “strive to surpass any previous spa experience – every single time” – needless to say, I’m looking forward to my next experience at the hands of Bodhi J.

Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial – $130

Bodhi J Wellness Spa
317 – 319 Pier Street, Perth
Phone: 08 9466 8260

*Lucy was a guest of Bodhi J Wellness Spa. Photos courtesy of Bodhi J.